Foreign Invesment in Indonesia

In general, forms of investment In Indonesia consist of Direct Investment and Indirect Investment. Direct investment is an activity where the investor directly invest the capital they have by way subscribe for shares at the time the company is established or purchase shares from existing Company. While, Indirect Investment (portfolio investment) is an activity where the investors invest their capital through capital markets by way purchase of securities such as promissory notes, commercial paper, shares, bonds, etc. In Indonesia, Investment…

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A Glimpse To Indonesia’s New Small Claims Court

No one hopes for a dispute to come. But when it happens, the disputing parties can choose to pursue settlement through a court or through one of the alternative dispute resolution forums. One downside of settlement through a court is being trapped in a long, tiring and vexatious litigation, while arbitration process will require more cost then an ordinary court. Neither of these seem appealing, of course, to the aggrieved party who has only a small or not too substantial…

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