Founded in 2007 by Mr. Ferdie Soethiono, FSP Lawyers (formerly known as Ferdie Soethiono & Partners) rose to prominence as one of the most promising and fastest growing law firm. The majority of our work is in five sectors: International trade and shipping, bankruptcy and restructuring, employment and labor relations, commercial dispute resolution, and intellectual property rights.

Started from a small office in Central District of Jakarta, now we are firmly establishing ourselves in a large space in the busiest business district in West Jakarta. We have been growing rapidly due to our successful reputation in delivering cases to our respective clients and continuously expanding our business to meet with our clients demand as we continues to increasing our value and quality of work.

At FSP Lawyers, we strive to provide a sophisticated advice on corporate and commercial transactions across a broad range of industries. Our approach is personal and our measure is effective. We highly valued integrity and professionalism at work along with in-depth knowledge in Indonesian Law, as we are able to give precise solution to your problems. Therefore, we can assure you that our firm has different twist in delivering our best services in overcoming your problems.

We have seen many commercial transactions turned to sour and causing losses for both parties due to lack of legal understanding by the company or individual. Hence, we are obliged to protect our client interest at its finest. As we understand the growing needs from the business entities for legal protection, we keep our clients up-to- date and well-informed not only in Indonesia’s legal development, but also in its politic, economic and social development which mayaffect our client interest in Indonesia.

Our people at FSP Lawyers are a team of talented professionals who offers aformidable mix of knowledge and experience advising on some of the country’s complex work and transactions as we always pour out all of our enthusiasm, motivation, energy and creative ideas to create precise and effective solution in solving clients’ matters.

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