Mr. Trifester is an Of Counsel at FSP Lawyers with primary focus on criminal litigation matters. He has 10 years of experience as a skilled litigator and trial attorney. He has extensive experience of criminal and regulatory litigation and public law as he is a versatile lawyer with specialties in respect of general crime; administrative and public law and professional discipline.

Mr. Trifester frequently represents corporations and individuals in criminal and civil investigations conducted by the Indonesian National Police, Indonesian Attorney General Office, and Indonesia’s Coruption Eradication Commision. He conducts internal investigations and advises his client on crisis response and media relations. Mr. Trifester’s experience includes financial fraud investigations, corruption, anti-money laundering and other criminal matters. His background and networking in the highest levels of government, makes him particularly well placed to advise in cases which need good political antennae and sensitive handling.

Mr. Trifester is a licensed advocate and member of the Indonesian Bar Association (PERADI). Outside of his broad and wide recognize network in the National Police and Prosecutor Office, he enjoys wild boar hunting.

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