Mr. Yoseph has devoted himself being a lawyer since he was still in college after viewing many socio-economic injustices as he enjoy being able to provide strong advocacy to his client every day, especially for the poor and marginal group.

Mr. Yoseph graduated with honor (cum laude) from Parahyangan Catholic University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, where he was a valedictorian (2016) and immediately join FSP ever since. While in law school, Mr. Yoseph has been awarded scholarship from Parahyangan Catholic University from 2013 until 2015 and acknowledged as a Top Ranked Student in 2012, 2014, and 2015. He also served as part of the prestigious Parahyangan Catholic Unversity National Moot Court Society as the society’s advisor.

During his study, he was actively involved in Parahyangan Catholic University Legal Aid Institute and has faced dozen of cases every single day, which sharpen his ability to work under pressure and in a long hour. Although he is a fresh graduate, his experience in litigation field in undoubtedly fascinating. A top-notch legal analyst, he often speaks at, among others, several radio stations in Bandung, penitentiary facilities, and public event, giving a free legal consultation for the society. He also responsible for handled the Legal Aid Institue library, which proven him has a broad range of knowledge in law.

Currently preparing for his bar exam, Mr. Yoseph focusing his practice into general corporate matters and commercial dispute, especially in manpower and land dispute sectors.

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